Salvation Army Supports Local Causes

Did you know that when the Salvation Army collects donations in front of your local Kroger that those donations are returned locally?  I didn’t either until Flory Phillips connected our Danville Rotary Club with the Salvation Army.  They track the local donations received and work to redistribute those funds in our community.  So be generous when going in to the store.  I say going in because you need to grab change from your stash in the car.  You know you will pay with a plastic card of some sort, so having spare change isn’t likely as you leave the store.

Our own Danville Rotary members will be helping on Dec 7th & 8th, manning the red bucket at the Danville Kroger.  Here is a pictuer of Tim & Mary Rose Wright donating their time last year.  They are owners of Wright Realty and very committed to giving back to their community.  In fact, in 2017 they were awarded the most enthusiastic bell ringers by the employees of Kroger.



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