Flags line the square in front of the Rotary clock.

There are many ways to get involved as a member of the Danville Rotary, including joining one of our dedicated committees.

  • Community/Human Development Committee
    This committee is responsible for identifying and planning the service projects and activities the club undertakes to improve life in the community.
  • Danville Rotary Club Foundation Committee
    The mission of Danville Rotary Club Foundation is to help those in need, both in our community and around the world, focusing on improving health, supporting education and alleviating poverty. The committee accomplishes this by raising funds through voluntary Rotarian contributions and Friends of the Foundation.
  • Finance Committee
    This committee works with the board of directors to ensure the club follows safe accounting practices, properly invests club and foundation funds and creates a responsible budget.
  • Fundraising Committee
    This committee oversees the club’s fundraising strategy. It also sets and achieves our contribution goals for Rotary International and the Danville Rotary Club Foundation. This includes the management of all our annual fundraisers.
  • International Service Committee
    This committee identifies one or two international projects that are meaningful to Danville Rotary Club members, enabling us to expand our humanitarian outreach. The committee also educates Danville club members about the humanitarian actions other Rotary clubs are taking to make an impact throughout the world.
  • Media Committee
    Public relations efforts are vital to Danville Rotary’s continued growth and service. This committee shares the club’s success stories, building the positive image of the club among the community and our own membership.
  • Membership Committee
    This committee seeks and recruits new members for the ongoing success of Danville Rotary Club. This includes taking new members through an established, educational orientation process and making them feel welcome.
  • Interact Club Committee
    This committee is responsible for engaging with youth in our Danville community through programs such as the Interact Club, Mentoring Program, Rotary Youth Exchange, essay contests and Rotary Youth Leadership Award events.
  • Program Committee
    This committee is responsible for generating interesting and informative programs at the weekly meetings, hosting speakers and keeping members informed of the latest community news.
  • Scholarship Committee
    This committee is charged with raising funds for scholarships for graduating high school seniors. This includes distributing scholarship applications, reviewing them and awarding the winning seniors.
  • Vocational Committee
    This committee facilitates events throughout the year to highlight various member vocations.