What’s the commitment?

Members are asked to:

  • Attend weekly meetings – The Danville Rotary Club’s weekly meetings are Thursdays at noon at North Salem State Bank in the Old Farm Branch meeting room. If you’re unable to make it, you can attend a “make-up” meeting at any other Club in the world. You’ll simply receive a “make-up card” that you can return to your home Rotary Club for attendance credit. View make-up meeting opportunities near Danville.
  • Pay quarterly dues – Members are charged on a quarterly basis to cover the weekly meeting meals and a membership fee.
    • Annual membership fee: $120
    • Weekly catered lunch, billed whether you attend or not: $10/week, $520/year
    • Total: $640/year
      (You may pay this total in quarterly increments of $160 each, or pay for the entire year at the beginning of your membership year.)
  • Pay a one-time initiation fee – Newly signed-on members will pay a one-time initiation fee of $25.
  • Join a committee – While, not required, we highly encourage all of our members to get involved in one of our committees. Our club thrives because its members are active and willing to share the responsibilities of an active community-minded organization.

I’d like to join the Danville Rotary!

Please fill out this Online Membership Application, and a Rotarian will contact you with the next steps.
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You can download and print the Membership Application PDF and return it to the club secretary or membership chair.