Presidential Message

Kevin Hill
Serving July 1, 2018 to June 30, 2019

Kevin Hill

I’ve been a Rotarian for more than five years now.

My experience as a Rotarian has been shaped by my fellow members and especially by those who have served as president before I did — Ron Bockstahler, Stephenie LeMay-Luken, Charles Green, Tracie Shearer and Eric Oliver. Their leadership helped to shape the club that has helped to make me a better person.

This club has enabled me to:

  • Connect with good friends as we share life experiences
  • Contribute to my community at a much greater level than I could do alone
  • Grow individually through service and leadership opportunities

As I prepared for my term, I thought through long-term giving goals. I thought about Jenny Pearcy, who will succeed me, and carefully considered how my plans will set the stage for her success next year. And I thought about each of our members, considering the experiences they want as Rotarians.

During training, I (and president-elects from around the country) learned to treat our Rotary Club members like customers. To do so, I attempted to find out what the ultimate Rotary experience would look like for each member. I also met with Jenny to gain her insight and ultimately came up with three main goals.

2018-2019 Danville Rotary goals

  1. Build and enhance the committee structure within our club to ensure that every member is fulfilled and engaged with meaningful activity.
  2. Build on Eric’s efforts to contribute to the Rotary International Annual Fund in an effort to ramp up international efforts that Jenny will undertake in 2019, all while contributing sufficiently to our local foundation.
  3. Build on the “People of Action” Rotary theme by implementing more club meetings that look like our “Apple for Teacher Day,” where we are engaged in a service project instead of a program.

I hope these goals truly reflect the club’s vision. We are lucky to have a large club where we’re able to spread both the work and the financial contributions required to accomplish these goals — no one person has to do everything.

How can Rotary best utilize your skills?

In real estate, they use the term “highest and best use” to signify the way in which a property is best utilized to bring maximum value to the owner. While that property could be used as many things, only one brings the highest return.

Rotary doesn’t own real estate, but each of you is an asset to our organization. I encourage each of you to do your own “highest and best use” analysis. Think about your individual skill set, passions and expertise. Where are those characteristics best used in a Rotary activity, project or committee? Determine that for yourself and share your gifts intentionally in an area that brings maximum value to our club and community.

I look forward to what we can accomplish together.