Rotary Club Foundation of Danville

Rotary Club Foundation of Danville

The Rotary Club Foundation of Danville was created to help those in need, both in our community and around the world.

Our efforts focus on:

  • Improving health
  • Supporting education
  • Alleviating poverty

The foundation’s committee accomplishes this with funds raised from Rotarians and community friends.

Foundation Grant Submissions

We invite agencies and other organizations to apply for a Rotary Club Foundation of Danville grant. Simply download our Grant Application PDF and submit it by emailing it to or returning it to the club President.

Entry Guidelines

All organizations receiving funds must be:

  • Qualified 501(C)3 programs
  • Local government entities
  • Accredited colleges, universities or trade schools.

The foundation’s Board of Directors will determine which organizations receive funding based on the following criteria:

  • The completed application
  • Financial need
  • Available funds
  • Compatibility with the foundation’s mission